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expresisons of angry come hard to me
the swift hammer seems not to make a sound
there are no excuses for you
is this who I am? what about you?
is this the extistent of your power?
show me, show me, your passion has faded
your honor like the flags of fallen houses
has lost all it's glimmer
it appears now as a house of cards.
you expect, expect my anger to go away
again you insult me you insult me~!
Your words, oh they on death eyes and ears.
is this the end of my existence?
this anger, won't to consume my heart?
all my dreams going up in flame
i'm not shamed, holding the lighter.
there's nothing left of them anyhow
so what if they're engulfed by this?
When did I get so angry? I wonder if I hate you. The title is Destruction at the Hand of Anger in case you could not guess.
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May 27, 2011
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